Widowmaker in design:

Widowmaker is a female defensive character in the game Overwatch. Overwatch is an amazing party-based shooter, where two teams of 6 go at each other. There are 21 characters currently in Overwatch and today we will discuss the Widowmaker. This character has a great look to her, as well as amazing skins. Her gun has a great animation, especially when switching from the basic assault variation to the sniper variation. Noire is a great unique starter skin you may get with pre-order, purchase of the game only. The character plays very smoothly. You will notice this, especially when using the unique grappling hook. Let's get into the rest now, Widowmaker's skills and abilities.

  • The Widow's Kiss (Weapon)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Venom Mine
  • Infra-Sight (Ultimate)

The Widow's Kiss:

This is an amazing weapon that can shift from a fully automatic short-medium-range assault rifle to a full map sniper rifle. It's beautiful in design and the transition sounds, animation, and rumble give the player a true feel of the weapon. Here is one tip with the Assault Rifle version of the Widows Kiss. Please note there will be further and more in-depth analysis to come. I personally use a Spray Fire Tactic (this should not be done very often). A good situation to spray fire is if you get noticed in your sniping spot. If so, wherever you are located, launch a venom mine at the enemy group and then spray all 30 rounds of your rifle. Afterward, make sure your grapple is off cool down and grapple away from the fray into another safe sniping point.

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Now, this may change when in a one on one with an enemy. You should, instead, tap fire your rifle then possibly even finish with a melee attack. Basics for sniping will be to just always charge to 100% and go for a headshot. If there are other circumstances they will be listed below so read on.

Grappling Hook:

This is where things become very fun and possibly addicting. This is an amazing item and feels very smooth when in play. It has long range and can not only be used to climb up walls but to get around with more speed. It is essential for escaping danger as well and finding the next sniping point. The player should train themselves to always be keeping an eye on your Grappling Hook's cool-down timer. Knowing when it is ready to go will help you escape, and often this will lead to winning more games. As for escaping that is probably its strongest point. Widowmakers should always be using it to either escape or confuse an enemy. If going for confusion make sure to have full health and use venom mine as well.

Venom Mine:

This weapon does low damage, however, it can chip away at an enemy. It is essential to finish or start off with a first strike or even final blow. If you use the tactics above with this weapon, you will surely get more eliminations and a better kill/death ratio. So once again a great idea is to launch this out into the fray and do it as often as you can. You may only have one venom mine out at a time. Following up with assault rifle sprays from longer ranges should result in more eliminations when used with the venom mine. Finally, for Infra-Sight for starting players, I would use it as often as you can. There may be better times to use it and we will discuss that in the next widowmaker analysis. So stay tuned for more. Overall rating for Widowmaker is a 5/5 perfect star rating.