As I have played about 25 hours straight online time with the Reaper I have gained some knowledge of the character. I am now around rank 200 with the Reaper so I would appreciate if you all hear out how I did this. Of course, luck and your team selection plus your enemy team selection is a factor. I had 2x Lucio on the team and the Winston with Reinhardt were the tanks for the first Death Blossom Multi-Kill. So in the video below you will see more of this setup on both sides. Skill did indeed come into play however and especially the Shadow Step.

The Shadow Step :

Hard move to get used to but here are some tips that lead me to get this far.

Also, note that I didn't die here this is mainly due to good shadow stepping. Rule #1 and most importantly here is to not get caught. So when your shadow stepping I learned that if I do so behind an object I will not be in enemy sights. I can then come flank them easier. Crouching is also your friend in certain situations but you want to keep your mobility as well so do so quickly. Try also not to use wraith form unless you have to. You always want your health at max and sometimes distance is a good option. Always know where your enemies are. It's good to scout first with Reaper. The best way to scout is wraith form however, you want to do so only after using a necessary wraith form because time is a factor. Support characters are your friends and be sure to not forget about your teammates.

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Say you see a one on one with your teammate going on. Instead of running away because you're low on health, go in for the kill ! 2v1 is almost always a guaranteed win. Lucio's Ultimate is an amazing friend when you want to go in guns blazing. Keeping your head in the game is important and this relates to hearing the voices of your allies.

The Death Blossom :

Remember you can control death blossom a bit. The absolute second you fire it off, you should be in control of the Reaper. You can jump and control the direction of the blossom. Note you want to do this unsuspecting, from the air is an idea and don't forget you can jump during a blossom. One major key that helped me get better at using this ultimate is knowing tanks. Reinhardt should only be blossomed from behind. Preferably when his shield is up. For Winston just about anytime he is NOT in primal rage. The 3 other tanks are rough and D'VA should be outside of her mech for much better luck. Roadhog can go down a bit easier just hope there are a few teammates around. For Zanyra try and get at her with lower life as well and from behind. Remember being elusive and like death itself is how you should play Reaper. There will be more to come for now enjoy the video below thanks.