Water Works Bureau:

The level itself is not actually too tough, however, the purple energy spikes can one shot kill, so they should be dealt with with caution. I apologize for not getting a no-death and/or S-Rank in this level. Stay tuned as we will be doing S-Rank and no death or even no hit runs in the future guides or articles.

Some things to note in this level is that you will be in water various points of the stage. One problem is the first water area is very dark. However, you can dash through the entire section with AcXelerate. I also did not find Pyrogen [ Fire Explosion ] skill to be of much use in this level. I could be wrong as once again no S-rank attempt just yet.

So with that being said stick to the Power Blaster or Beck's default suit/weapon.

Especially towards the end of the level things are going to get tricky. You will encounter ice blocks and a ping pong match-up with a CDN sub-boss twice. To beat the sub-boss try and focus on one robot at a time. Be sure to dodge the ice blocks being thrown by Cryosphere. Being frozen in this level is the worst thing that can happen to Beck.

Mighty No. 2 Cryosphere:

This is a great and challenging boss battle in Mighty No.9 possibly my favorite next to Pyrogen. Even though you have the fire explosion skill I still found it tough. It also has some nice looking design and patterns that are challenging yet rewarding to accomplish at the defeat of Cryosphere.

Cryosphere is susceptible to Pyrogen fire explosion skill.

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The player should be timing it wisely and make sure to not overheat with it. You will be open to attack and even being frozen because you cannot move at all when overheated. The biggest thing to avoid or at least be aware of is being frozen by Cryosphere. If you're frozen mash the correct buttons as fast as possible then AcXelerate away from the boss. It really keeps the player on their toes and into the battle even if you may lose some lives.

Conclusion and video:

Overall this is another great level and boss fight. I especially love the design of the boss battle and the overall reward at the end of the fight. Mentioning as well the gameplay effects of the Frozen Liquid { Cryosphere } skill when it is acquired.