I spent the last week learning that the I and S in the Lexus 2016 4-DR Sedan IS350 stands for Incredibly Sharp. Or how about Interestingly Sexy?

I admit, I never thought of Toyota as an Innovating Stylist when it comes to cars. Toyota/Lexus has always been more Immovably Steadfast in their reliability.

Okay ... I think I stretched the IS in IS350 far enough, eh?

Zoom zooming in the LEXUS IS350

Each week I drive a different Toyota or Lexus vehicle. And each week I grow more reluctant to give the cars back. This week, I took this Lexus IS350 and drove it to Yosemite Valley and hid behind a giant redwood to hide.

They still found me.

A 3.5 liter V6 with 308 hp has enough get up and go for my 8-year daughter to say "Whee!" when I step on the gas. But when my 68-year old friend (he has a 70-something Dodge Charger and a 60-something T-bird that he has nursed for many years) says, "Wow!" you can be sure there is some real oomph under the hood, especially in the Sport & Snow mode.

Conversation with a 2000 Corolla

Compare these reactions to my 2000 Corolla. When I stepped down on the accelerator the car would talk back, "You want me to do what?"

"I want you to go faster."

"When would you like me to faster?"

"Uh, now. Or actually a few moments ago."

"Did you make an appointment for me to go faster?"

"No! Would you please hurry?

I need to get along here."

"Uh, sure. Give me a moment while I gather my thoughts."

I loved that Corolla. I drove it a long ways. But never fast.

Lexus knows how to impress, young and old alike

My daughter's Kung Fu Master (one-third my age) was dazzled.

"I am so envious!!" he said.

I was worried he was going to flip, twist, spin or throw me out of the car and disappear.

Okay, not really.

Bluetooth test - Phone was connected in under 20 secs. = The dashboard UI was very user friendly.

Kaizen Feedback - The lane change blinker switch and the turn switch feel one and the same. Oftentimes I thought I was using the soft touch lane change only to find that I was stuck in the turn mode.

The blinker was so quiet that if I didn't notice I was stuck, I wouldn't have known.

Specifications: In the images above.

Price as driven: $49,205.

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