June 14 began the three-day E3 Expo for 2016, and some exciting upcoming video game releases are being showcased at the event. From the former mysterious The Last Guardian to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, this year’s E3 is bound to be packed with loads of gaming content and information. However, one of the games in the spotlight this year is one fans have been waiting for patiently (well, not always so patiently) for quite some time: the upcoming 2017 Wii U/NX Legend of Zelda game.

That is correct.

After two long years, the creators of the Zelda series finally put an end to fans’ agonizing suspense with a new trailer for their new title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only that, but fans had the opportunity to play a 30-minute demo and watch hours of livestream gameplay on Nintendo Treehouse.

Many Zelda delays

Since the first teaser trailer was released back in 2014, Zelda fans have been dying to know just what Nintendo had in store for the game. Unfortunately, time went by and the creators were continuously less than generous about game information, pushing the release date back on more than one occasion.

It seems, however, that the delays have only been on account of making Breath of the Wild as epic of an adventure as possible.

“I’ve created this game thinking about breaking the conventions of Zelda,” member of the Legend of Zelda team Eiji Aonuma said at E3, a statement that fans can truly see come to life as they watch E3 gameplay footage.

As the creators of the franchise have recently iterated to the fans, Breath of the Wild has a new flavor to it than many past Zelda games.

“This time around we wanted to showcase the world of Zelda,” Aonuma said in regards to the game’s title. He mentioned that even though series titles in the past usually featured the names of characters or items within the game, such as Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, the new title Breath of the Wild is more about nature and the world experience.

See the Legend of Zelda trailer

The game demo opens with Link awakening from a long sleep.

He runs out into the open and beholds the vast kingdom of Hyrule before him, where he meets an old man who explains to him that the kingdom has fallen into ruin as a result of an evil power. The player is left with little more information than this, thrust into exploration almost immediately.

Unlike most previous Zelda games, the new title features an open world, about twelve times the size of its predecessor Twilight Princess, where players are not limited to linear gameplay. They can decide when and where they want to go and allow the story to unfold as they explore. For some fans, it may feel a little bit like the original The Legend of Zelda aside from the obvious difference in graphics and size.

The first game in the series also took place in an open world where the player started with very little information and began exploring right away. The old man that Link meets in the beginning of the demo may also be familiar to some fans of the original.

More roleplay abilities

As for other major differences so far, this game adds a few more modern role playing game (RPG) elements, such as hunting, gathering, cooking, and customization of armor. Players even have to change Link’s clothing depending on the climate. Other new abilities such as jumping and mountain climbing have been added, and based on the demo it appears technology will play an important role as well.

While only a tiny fraction of the game was displayed at E3, the sheer size of the world and all of the places to explore turned that fraction into several hours of gameplay. Nintendo certainly tested the patience of some of its fans, but it had a great deal to offer as apology for the long wait. About a year still remains until the release of Breath of the Wild, but perhaps more details about this new Zelda transformation will be available in time.

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