There are lots of things changing in the world of technology and sometimes it’s hard to keep pace. As an actor, blogger or writer, it’s important to know that technology can be your friend or your worst enemy.

Utilizing Facebook.

A Facebookaccount can be dangerous. If you reveal too much about yourself, then you could face some serious repercussions, such as identity theft or even reveal where you live to the outside world. On the other hand, if used correctly, you can promote your blog, your brand and yourself. Use tools such as the like or love feature to connect with others and share news stories that are meaningful to you.

You can also announce new projects in the works. It’s a great potential marketing tool that can take you as far as you will let it.

Talking to Twitter

Twitter is basically the same thing as Facebook with less characters. You have to say a lot with less words. However, the great thing about Twitter is that you can directly connect with potential employers and contact connections. The “at” symbol sends a tweet directly to your contacts and the hashtag allows your tweet to be searced based on subject. You can also add pictures, videos and more to make the the site appealing to your followers.

Linked up to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great because it's a combination of Facebook with the added bonus of a ready-to-view resume. It's important to utilize this site and all of its capabilities because it stores your picture, your work history and your likes.

It's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

Privacy, protection and security

Now there are several dangers lurking on the web. For instance, the problem of spoofing is on the rise.

Some unscrupulous hackers can actually create fake websites that look just like the original websites that you are trying to access. It's hard to tell because the design is similar except for minor differences. There might a misplaced logo or some design flaw. Either way, you're not able to access the information that you need while the hacker is getting all of the information he or she needs from you. For example, if you look at the America Online (AOL) page below, it shows the days' headlines. However, this page could be a victim of spoofing. It's unlikely, but it happens. Look at the logo does it seem the same? Research it. Was there a new web design? Usually companies like to promote design changes, so the information should be easy to find online.

You can also go to the Open Source Vulnerability Database ( to check if your site is on the list. Remember be an activist not a hacktivist.

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