The Breaking News dot com site is a fantastic opportunity for freelance writers to stay on top of recent breaking news. Every writer knows that by the time the mainstream media sites have picked up a story, within hours all you can do is rewrite the same article. Getting notifications and checking the site often, does give writers the opportunity to get in early with their story, but there is more to the site than just being a news source.

Local news need not be buried in the backwaters.

News happens every day, whilst most of it is mundane stuff about weddings and funerals and the little league baseball, within reach of every writer there is the potential for a big story.

Breaking News introduced an App which anyone can use to tip them off about a story anywhere in the world. Within the first 11 days of launching the App, Breaking News reported that they had received “anonymous tips from 72 countries” around the world and “from every state in the USA, with the exception of South Dakota.”

Anonymous tips.

When people use the app they are anonymous, and this is useful for writers who hope their story will be picked up by the Breaking News editors. There are chances of course, that their own story will not be picked up, but it is amazing how sometimes small tips grow into worldwide trending news.

Example of a big story that started with a tip.

There are many examples of this, but one stands out. In Sri Lanka, a tipper tapped out the word “flooding” and editors picked it up within minutes.

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Their own searches found that only one other source had mentioned the floods, and that was Accuweather. The news was later tweeted as a photo by someone in Colombo. This story was not yet in the mainstream media, but it later grew into a giant story that trended all over the world. If you had been the one to send in the tip, you would have had the very first news media article up on your news or blogging site. It is very satisfying to break a new story and then see mainstream reporters scramble behind you.

How it works.

The tips App will show your tip in your local region. However, the Breaking News editors see every tip that is sent in. Your tip will join the stream of tips that are monitored constantly by editors. They do the research to see if it is newsworthy, if it is already covered and how much of it is already is out there. If they like your timely tip, you could end up on their breaking news alerts. From there, media across the world will run with the story. Obviously you need to get as many facts as you can and  start writing and post up your article as fast as you are able, because once it is in the headlines, you have lost the advantage.

Once mainstream ,media pick up a story, it will trend all by itself and sometimes reporters will quote your story. This happens sometimes if you are on the spot and they cannot get there fast.

Be discerning.

Obviously, it would be a waste of time to tip about a tail bump accident, but a fire in your neighborhood could grow into a conflagration. Not only will you have helped out your neighborhood by tipping about the fire, but your tip could end up as big a story as the recent Canadian fire disaster. Weather events, earthquakes, plane crashes, and potential disasters are all around us every day.

Exciting tool.

Cory Bergman, the co-founder of Breaking News said on Medium that he was excited about the potential of the app, as a news-breaking tool. For freelance writers, especially those who are relying on pay per view or on Google Adwords to generate income, it is a very exciting feature that could potentially help trend their own stories. Writers can find out more by following the @BreakingNews Twitter account.