Kickstarter has been popular for any new entrepreneur and also businesses with great ideas. Ever wanted to loose all those pounds you put on after that last donut, wanted to go further and achieve your perfect running miles; then it is time to meet your true running partner.

Artificial runniing coach.

Vi is the first true artificial running coach all within your ears. Lifebeam are a well backed and credited company that has worked with NASA and other major companies; transforming the way people live their lives and change their active lifestyle.Vi will transform the way you run and make you live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are ready to loose weight, maintain your fitness ; run your first mile then Vi is your new friend to help you on your journey.

Run to the beat.

Vi allows the user to wear the device around their neck and plug in the earphones. Vi comes to life all inside your ears while on the run. Using the biometric - sensing earphones; Vi can detect your heart rate and tell you where you are going wrong with your run. She can tell you the weather and also improve your running goals.

Starting with a dream.

Lifebeam have joined with harman - kardon to bring crystalic sounds to your eardrums. With every sound and beat you listen to ;Vi keeps you up to the pace and keeps you running further to reach the goal.

Everything starts with a dream, that dream is coming alive all thanks to the backers on Kickstarterand bring Vi to life.


Vi will retail at $250 and will be shipped all over the world. If you want to get your hands on Vi ; you can join the rest of the backers on Kickstarter. Lifebeam hope to take this technology further not just used for running; it can be used in all kinds of fitness activity.

Vi can be used in your daily life and routine; she can send you a text to see how you are after your first run. Using the companion app and also your own music; Vi will be with you where ever you go.

With Vi now there is no complaining to start running and loosing those nasty pounds; it is time to hit the roads and run with Vi.

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