Remember when one of humankind’s fears regarding artificial intelligence was about the jobs they could occupy? Some people never thought that such a case would eventually develop to this extent, arguing that no matter how fast artificial intelligence progressed, there were still many things robots could never do better than us. Ross is IBM’s new supercomputer inspired by Watson (a question-answering computer) developed as the world’s first robot attorney.

Ross is already working alongside attorneys

According to Futurism, Ross was recently hired by the Baker & Hostetler law firm to take insolvency and bankruptcy cases in a department which now includes 50 practitioners in the firm. The main reason is that the company’s officials believe in cognitive technology. Thanks to this, they can now offer better service. Apparently, other law firms are currently taking Baker & Hostetler’s example.

It is capable of giving law-related answers faster than humans

Ross was designed following the example of the Watson supercomputer, which learned to understand human language, to postulate hypotheses when asked, to research and generate answers whenever it tried to follow up with an argument to its conclusions. Ross is also capable of learning from its own experience, thus it will operate faster alongside a better portfolio whenever it interacts with humans.

For instance, whenever Ross finds itself in front of a question, it will go through the entire legislation to find an answer that also includes a case. Ross also monitors the legislation and court decisions non-stop, which helps him to immediately notice whenever a case is relevant to his current one, receiving a definite decision. Ross saves time by presenting the most relevant answers faster than humans in an easy to understand language which can be easily followed by any person, without a multitude of specialized terms.

Feels like there is no expertise a robot cannot have

Once more, technology showed us how far it can stretch and the field in which it could operate. As it continuously evolves, it could only be a matter of time until machines are able to take over any type of job. It is obvious that Ross cannot yet operate like a full-fledged attorney, but as technology capabilities have been increasing fast and as artificial intelligence has reached outstanding barriers, some people might grow a fear of losing their job, even in the most human-based fields.

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