Michael Jackson's Moonwalker :

This is actually considered a classic.. Well it is actually possibly even the worst classic game of ALL time.The game is not actually too good. But because of the Flare and magical nature of none other then Michael Jackson. The game is practically as legend as the late great Michael Jackson himself. Despite the game not being the best of the best, I had fond memories of playing it as a kid. Here are some tips I remembered and picked up after watching a recent play on the web. Hit the like button if you want more retro game articles and don't forget to pick this one up if you loved it and are a collector.

Object Of the Game :

This stage is some sort of crazy bar.

There will be white suited enemies shooting at our hero in white. The hero in white and the fedora hat with the fancy moves is of course Michael Jackson.You must save 5 little girls to get to the end of the Level. Enemies keep coming at Michael however, and sometimes there is even a boss battle. It actually can get a little challenging and the girls are sometimes hidden well for rookie players.You have several moves. Such as the Stardust Kick and Star Dust Toss. Also when there are pianos, Use them for a Super Michael dance attack ! This causes all enemies on screen to trance to dance. They will all eventually "faint" after this happens and this results in them being defeated so it's easier to progress on through the game.

Round 1-3 Club 30 :

Same thing this time around you will have to save 7-8 girls to beat the level.

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At the start of the level there is a hidden stairway.These secrets or puzzles are easy enough to find. Remember to use, "stars" powers or attacks on pretty much anything that is an object in the game, or perhaps even more then that. Finally you will encounter the Boss Some crazy dude that tries to pick on pop stars [VIDEO]. This dude is in gray/white and wants to shoot Michael with a gun. Show him the power of dance and take him out. A few hits will do it,just beware the bullet !

Stage 2 The Street :

You will be in the tough and rough streets at this point in the game. Save all the girls to get to the boss scene. There will be a wave of thugs at some point near the end.Some dude will begin laughing at Michael. That's pretty rude.he must be the last boss ! Fortunately you can use your "dance attack" here For the Win.Next part of the streets is really awesome.Michael will jump into the shooting star and turn into a huge robot that shoots lasers or fire whatever it is it's cool. How he does it ? Well God only knows,But that's Michael ! Also you must save all the girls here.

There are about 8 to get to the next level. You will meet that some boss dude again and he will send some thugs at you. Dance attack again for the win.

Stage 3 The Woods :

Immediately Pick up the shooting star and fly/laser shoot your way to save the girls in the first part of the level. You start to get the robot shooting stars more often from here on out.Take out all the zombies then you will meet the Boss again laughing at Michael as usual.Michael makes some moves and then be careful.You will have to actually take on all the enemies without dance attack this time. 

Cavern Level 4 :

This are is filled with Giant cob-webs.Zombies,spiders and for some reason,scuba outfitted men with sub-machine guns. They are trying to take Michael Jackson down. This is the hardest level of the lot, but once again you must save all the girls/children without dying of course. 

Finale !

The final level is nice enough and it was a long journey to begin with. However this final level is a bit different then the rest of the game. I don't want to spoil it to much for those who never got there. I don't want to spoil it too much for those that might. Here is a hint however, think Michael Jackson's amazing music, a rocket ship and high tech star wars lasers ! Add all of those together to get the surprise finale,it's worth it.