Not the Middle Monkey:

Winston is a gorilla mastermind and genius. Wearing his glasses and enhanced white gorilla combat armor as base skin. The intelligent gorilla is interesting enough in character design. I will keep readers updated as I progress through collectibles on more skins of Winston. For now I would like to discuss his overall fun factor and review his play style in Overwatch. Winston has four main skills or abilities at base. This changes slightly with a punch when you use his ultimate primal rage. Here are the four main abilities and I will structure analysis on them for the readers.

  • Tesla Cannon (primary weapon)
  • Jump Pack
  • Barrier Projection
  • Primal Rage

Tesla Cannon and Jump Pack:

The Tesla cannon is an electrical weapon that shoots out electricity.

It feels strange to aim at first moments. Once you get used to it the weapon controls and plays joyfully. It also holds plenty of ammo in its magazine and has a fair reloading time. Overall I am rather impressed with the weapons design and fun factor while playing with it. On the negative side is the Jump Pack ability. This is the ability you will be using most often. It also poses the biggest problem which is its control. It's poor control when trying to land direct hits is made up for with the shock wave the comes on the ground after landing. Major problem is when I was using it on groups of enemies or even soloing a tougher opponent I would die often. This includes even If I had my barrier off cool down. The game also tips the player that if you look directly up and use jump pack you will land in the same spot.

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This is quite untrue as I found myself testing it several times and landing nowhere near the exact mark. On the positive side it is a great way to move around quickly. Jumping on roofs can pose some control issues, although that may just take a good player to control. If you can control the jump pack well, you will be a successful Winston player. Window maker specifically is a sitting duck when sniping and caught into a Jump Pack attack.

Barrier and Primal Rage:

Barrier projection is a simple skill to use. I had a slight confusion at first but it simply stops projectiles from getting inside the dome. Opponents can run inside the dome to attack you. Reinhardt's charge will not be affected by the dome and can be deadly. It can pin Winston or even knock him off the map for a death. This ability can be good against mid-range shooters like Soldier 76. Even at full health if you cast the barrier back into it and focus Tesla Cannon fire on Soldier 76 he should go down often. Primal Rage is deadly and can restore lots of health and even increase maximum health to 1000 while active.

Suffering from poor control due to the fact that Jump Pack is the only ability you can still use other then melee. I feel Primal Rage is a mixed bag due to this issue. Creatively speaking and with a positive note Primal Rage is nice when health is near critical ammo full and laying down a well timed enemy fray barrier projection. It will take practice but you can net tons of chain kills with an idea like this. Possibly even knocking out a whole team in one Primal Rage.

Character review ranking:

Winston is a 2/3 star rated difficulty character in game. I feel he should be a 3/3 due to control getting either used to or just being average. This is my least favorite Overwatch character at the moment. Jump pack could have been implemented better. Tesla Cannon is nice at best nothing to complain about. Projection Barrier is useful just nothing too original. Primal Rage is where the fun starts although still a mixed bag because of Jump Pack. Overall Rating 1/5 stars (subject to change in later reviews).