The Gorgeous Poster Girl Tracer: In terms of character design Tracer is simply beautiful original and an absolute charm. Tracer can manipulate time to an extent and is quite a hardcore UK advocate. Tracerrelies on her blink skill for major speed. Her recall ability to alter time and regain health,and finally her Pulse Bomb ultimate. This all goes hand in hand with her primary speed dual wielded pulse guns. There are 4 areas I want to cover for competitive video gamers they are as follows:

  • Aim
  • Reflex
  • Concentration *
  • Timing

Aim :

Tracers weapons are fast firing and the magazine gets emptied rather quickly.

The player must reload at the right opportunity if they wish to succeed. For example reloading after going head-on into an enemy is quite formidable. The target sights for the Pulse Guns are small yet they have distant damage from range. This cost the player as the further you are from the enemy the harder they are to hit. Against foes with armor, they are very weak and should really be used as a means of chip damage. Unless you're good with head shots on opponents the average player should finish off enemies with these guns.

Use blink and recall in combination to pick off foes and skirmish.

Reflex :

Sometimes as a rookie player you will muscle reactand cast a blink instead of using a recall. Other times you may even recall way too soon. You're going to have to muscle train your fingers and your mind in combination with the on-screen action. A quick example of untrained players is casting a bad recall. You really should not be using recall when your health is high.

It has a 12-second cooldown and a few more moments in the fray can result in a win for your team. An instance with an untrained blink would be blinking into a wall. Tracer is about spontaneous movements being confusing and quickly doing so.

Concentration :

Concentration is perhaps the most important element in thegame, not just for Tracer but most likely for all characters. I mention Tracer here with this word specifically because blink has charges, it's one extra counter to worry about.

Tracer also relies heavily on speed. Poor concentration can cost you and your team or even yourclan a game. It may even cost a prize for the pro players and readers out there. For argument sake, say you think you one blink left however you are really at 0 blink charges. You press the blink input and then you're dead. Now if you were concentrating you would know how many blink charges were left. Although due to your lack of concentration you cost the game.

Timing :

Tracer's ultimate is the pulse bomb. You want to use it on really tough enemies with armor. This is all subject to correct timing however as well as a strategic idea of when to use it.

It is very powerful and can even kill Tracer if she touches it. Overall Tracer is a character based around aim,reflex,concentration, with a splash or an X-Factor of timing. She is speed orientated and as dangerous as she is beautiful.

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