The Reaper:

Reaper is a maximum accomplishment by Blizzard entertainment in the game Overwatch. The character has great skins and is well worth some invested in-game currency. After playing for around 40 hours of Overwatch, I turned to Reaper. After the switch, I was hooked and invested around 8 hours straight with the character. Reaper's skill set is amazing and you will feel like the incarnate of Death himself. Listing the abilities of Reaper with full analysis below:

  • Hellfire Shotguns
  • Wraith Form
  • Shadow Step
  • Death Blossom (Ultimate)
  • The Reaping

Hellfire Shotguns:

Very impressive guns that hold 4 rounds in each shotgun.

When you fire them one goes off at each time. The Reaper will not reload the guns, but toss them away and a new set will appear in his hands. They have a large hitbox and are best at close range. Chip damage, however is often overlooked and I have received plenty of kills by taking out low health enemies from longer ranges with the Hellfire Shotguns. The skins for Reaper also co-exist with his shotguns and are pure awesome, any Reaper players should check the Hero Gallery often for them.

Wraith Form and Shadow Step:

Wraith form feels very smooth can increase movement speed and makes the Reaper invulnerable for a short time. It is a great defensive maneuver. I personally like to use this after a kill to regroup or after a death blossom. It would also be a creative idea to use Shadow Step and go into a Death Blossom ultimate.

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Follow that up with Wraith Form to slip away from the fray. Speaking of shadow step, the Reaper can teleport a far distance with this ability. It's a great move but has negatives. For one, you will be defenseless for a second or even two while it's starting up. One good tactic to avoid being killed after shadow stepping is to not fire your shotguns immediately. Wait for an opportune time then attack, your success rate should go up. The overall concept of Reaper is to be quiet, kill quickly, then move on to your next opponent. Think as if you are death itself, and try and feel what the developers intended for the character. You may realize you are having even better luck if not overall more enjoyment playing with the Reaper.

Death Blossom Reaping:

Death Blossom is an Ultimate that is pure offense and filled with carnage. You want to avoid dying or being stunned with this attack. To attempt a nice Death Blossom, you should probably flank or try to be completely undetected by the enemy team.

If performed correctly, you can land an easy double kill at the least. I do not recommend using this move on one enemy, save it for a bigger opportunity. The Reaping is a passive ability for the Reaper. After an enemy is defeated, a soul globe will be left behind. You can pick these up for health even while in wraith form. This is a great idea to use them just like packs of health and continue on with your Reaping.

Character Rating + Bonus

Overall I give this character a 5/5 star rating. The Reaper has become my current favorite character in the game, with Tracer being #2. Across the board Reaper is amazing and a must-play for all death incarnate fans alike. So if you like shotguns and hellfire, Reaper is for you. Thanks for reading, and as a bonus, the Commando 76 skin and weapon video is found below as promised: