Soldier 76. 

Playing as Solider 76 is a nice experience. His design is done rather well and I enjoy specifically the differences in each skin design. Soldier 76 has nice voice overs,emotes and even highlighted introduction variations. Starting off with a nice automatic pulse rifle as his main weapon he is typical in play style. However the word typical should not be taken with a negative impact. You want to stay mid-range with Solider 76. He is best when the enemy is not focusing on him. This goes double when using Tactical Visor the ultimate ability of Solider 76.

The Sprint:

The sprint is a great first ability of the character.

It can be toggled to stay on at all times with just one press of the button. It's great to duck,cover and move to the next point. It can even get you out of trouble often due to having increased speed. It would work very nicely in combination with Lucio's speed track and even more so if Lucio uses amp it up. One nice tactic is to sprint from point A to point B. Fire off an entire pulse rifle clip then run to the next post. This is great when also using Biotic Field his next ability.

Get Tactical:

Soldier 76. is a bit strategic if you want to play him well. The player should feel the role and get tactical with him to increase skill and fun factor. Biotic field is a great way to get tactical and even make precise decisions. For example since you have biotic field the player may want to save a health pack for a teammate, rather then use it yourself.

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Another tactical trick would be when Tactical Visor is in use. Tactical Visor is Solider 76's ultimate ability. Try using this when enemies are unaware of your exact location. You may even want to use Biotic Field then launch a Tactical Visor Ultimate after. Doing this would heal you while you surprise fire the enemy. Remember Helix Rockets can not auto-target with Tactical Visor. One other note is that ammo will automatically fill completely after using the ultimate. Knowing this information will help you greatly in battle.

Helix Rocket Power:

The last ability to discuss is the Helix Rockets. These are very powerful and with a well timed shot can down an enemy instantly. They even have splash damage which is a major bonus to an already exceptional range and power. I really feel this is an ability that may be overpowered and later changed by blizzard. Use it now while you can and one more note it even has a pretty short cool down !

Character Rating:

For the fun factor and over all game play style I rate this character a 4/5 on the scale.Soldier 76. is designed with excellence ! He fits his role nicely and is true to his easy to use 1/3 star difficulty rating. I recommend this character for starting players,however he is still viable for higher tier players to master. #Video Game #XBoxOne #PS4