Reinhardt The Tank:

Reinhardt is a big massive tank character in Overwatch. This character is most effective when taking and tanking damage for the team. You want Reinhardt to be the heart of your defense in just about any game style. With Torbjorn's armor ability, Reinhardt becomes ever more effective. It is always nice to have Torbjorn on your team when playing Reinhardt. Let's talk about his skills, weapons, and ultimate:

  • Rocket Hammer
  • Barrier Field *
  • Fire Strike
  • Charge
  • Earthshatter 

Rocket Hammer and Barrier Field:

Using a high powered and awesome Rocket Hammer to attack enemies, Reinhardt is an absolute force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The Rocket Hammer itself is quite a challenge to use, mainly because of Barrier Field. What you would like to do is be fast with your controls either on P.C. or console. Use the hammer when a weakened foe is in melee range, then quickly back to blocking projectiles with the barrier field. Also, note your speed is greatly reduced while barrier field is active. It can recharge only when inactive. Reinhardt players should also know health pack spawn locations and use them appropriately.

Fire Strike and Charge:

Fire strike is a nice projectile ability that serves as a good mix it up for Reinhardt. This is great to use to keep enemies away. It will damage them and scare them off to running on several occasions. This is great because you do not want to use your Rocket Hammer while barrier field is up practically ever.

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Charge skill can one shot kill and pin an enemy. It can knock enemies back in a path as well. You can control it slightly although you will need plenty of room to do so. Charge ability can also knock enemies off the map. The downside to Charge is that you will move far away from teammates and have to put down your barrier field. This is an option when you're low on health and your shield needs recharging. 

Earthshatter and Rating:

Earthshatter is Reinhardt's ultimate ability. This is quite powerful with its knockdown and would best be used when not only enemies are frequent, but teammates as well. Use this at the right time and you can change the course of an entire battle. Great for overtimes if done correctly. While enemies are knocked down, be sure your team is aware of this and have them start to finish the opponents off. As for my character rating, I will give Reinhardt  3/5 stars. This is a bit biased because I am not a fan of the Tank classes in this game. Although, I found Reinhardt to be well developed for the class and more fun than Winston.