Overwatch Junkrat analysis:

Junkrat is one of my favorites in Overwatch. He is a maniacal mayhem type character with a knack for explosives. Very fun to play as due to nice voice lines and overall character design. Junkrat has some great skins that go along with his classic one. His skills and abilities are also on point. They are very fun to use and fit the character spot on.

  • Frag Launcher
  • Total Mayhem
  • Concussion Mine
  • Steel Trap
  • Rip Tire ( Ultimate )

The Frag Launcher:

I love this weapon's look, sound effects, and overall design. The weapon shoots out explosive frag grenades that will take a short time before detonating.

They can be angled and bounced off walls. They can be used to take out turrets this way and sneakily attack other enemies. It looks beautiful and has some very creative animations. This goes double for when you change skins with Junkrat.


Steel trap is a great close range ability. You should probably always be tossing these out near your own vicinity. It can damage and stop an opponent dead in its tracks. Great for enemies like Reaper trying to hunt you down from behind and especially if Tracer blinks into one. I like to always be throwing this one out right after cool down is up and keep up with my frags launching mayhem tactic. As For concussion mine, this one should be used similarly except you must detonate it as well. While playing Junkrat you have to input buttons very quickly and always be looking around at nearly everything.

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Concussion mine can be used on all types of enemies including airborn opponents such as Pharrah. This is a great way to stop her ultimate if timed correctly. Total Mayhem is a passive pawn for pawn skill. You will drop bombs that detonate after death. This can catch many enemies off guard and take their life with yours. You should always try dying near a group of enemies in this case.

Ultimate + rating

Rip-tire is the ultimate ability of Junkrat. It can bounce or jump. The Rip Tire also lasts ten seconds and is controlled by the player the entire duration. Another positive is that it's one of the most potentially devastating ultimates in the game. It is possible to get A Team Kill with this one. The only downside is that aware opponents will see this coming and shoot it down. You must be tricky to have an effective rip-tire attack. To finish up, I love Junkrat as a whole. He is a 5/5 star rated character.