Lucio intro:

Lucio is a very cool looking character model in design. Specifically his green shades come to mind greatly as well as his braided hair. Lucio also has some very interesting skins that you can see in the skin collection screen. Be sure to either loot or pick up the ones you like the best. Lucio is a support character and more specifically a musical-based healer. He emits sound to heal or speed up allies as well as to shield them from attacks and even attack with his sound blaster. Lucio can also use secondary fire on his sound blaster gun and further more glide along walls as a passive ability. To play as Lucio you will need 2 major pro skills.

  • Team Coordination 
  • Rhythm 

Lucio's cross fade:

The cross fade is truly an amazing design idea by Blizzard. It makes Lucio feel completely unique compared to other characters at all times. You will or should be using the cross fade in combination with attacks as well as the amp it up skill. The healing track will heal allies and the speed track will increase movement speed of all allies. This only works with both tracks if allies are in a vicinity of Lucio. This is what makes Lucio original and whole idea is to get into the rhythm of cross fading at anytime albeit doing it wisely and timely.

Amp it up and Ultimate:

The amp it up ability is a cool down ability. It will increase or amplify the effect of the music track being played by Lucio at that time. The player can change tracks while amp it up is active.

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As a tip, you should always be using amp it up even if things are going slow. You never know when an attack might come and it's hard to keep focus on all allies health bars all the time. The sound barrier is the ultimate support skill for Lucio. It will create temporary shields around all allies in vicinity of the initial ultimate cast. As a player be sure to always have a high count if not maximum amount of players in the vicinity before using the ultimate.

The Sonic Amplifier:

A great looking weapon that is fun to use and has an alternate fire method. The alternate fire eats 4 ammo in a 20 round magazine. The twist is that it also has a cool down among the fact that it can knock enemies back it is called soundwave. At base the sonic amplifier fires in shots of 4 as well even with the slightest squeeze of the trigger. The target sight size is about medium and I really feel the soundwave attack is a great method of finishing off enemies. Overall Lucio is a well designed character and is rather fun to play, and, despite his 2/3 star difficulty rating I do not think Lucio poses much of a challenge to use.