Bastion The Defense Robot :

Bastion in graphical art design is an absolute eye pleasing experience. The character is whimsical with his bleeping R2-D2 like sound effects and his affinity towards birds. Bastion has some excellent skin designs as well, I specifically enjoy the overgrowth skin. With that being said there are many more I have not unlocked although very pleased with even what I currently have.

Bastions Abilities :

Bastion is a defensive character but also can chain kill multiple enemies at once. With his configure ability the player can convert bastion from his main form. His main form is a walking machine gun wielding robot with self repair powers.

When you configure with Bastion you can become an immobile sentry turret. This is quite powerful and you still have the self repair ability. Being immobile however is it's downfall and without strategic or creative placement you can lead Bastion to his doom quickly. The Ultimate ability allows Bastion to turn into a mobile cannon. You can fire up to 5-6 blast if your fast and they pack a real punch even against high armored targets. 

Mercy with Bastion :

Let's talk about some characters to stick with and some to avoid in the fray. First Mercy the healing angel winged character is a great ally to Bastion. With her healing and damage boosting switch up's Bastion can become a complete powerhouse. This goes double for when Bastion is in sentry turret mode and both players are knowledgeable of the game and more so both characters.

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Now let's get into some players to avoid :

  • Hanzo
  • Reaper
  • Tracer ( during ultimate )

Despite one major con is how slow Bastion can be. Both because of his sentries immobility in battle as well as after dying returning to the fray. He also has some other cons that go with his ease of use. #1 is Hanzo and his dragon ultimate. This attack can travel across the map and if in sentry form a direct head means death for Bastion easily. More so Hanzo can pick off bastion even with just 3 nice arrow shots even when bastion is at full health. #2 is the Reaper and his wraith form ability. I been killed by Reaper many times coming up behind Bastion in turret form and blasting hell fire shotguns my way to my own demise, avoid Reaper like the plague. Finally Tracer, if tracer is not killed by Bastion and she has her ultimate your practically dead. This only goes if she knows your location.

Rating and Closing :

Overall I would say Bastion is about a 9/10 on the fun factor level. Ease of use would be a 2/5 stars with 5 being the hardest to use. I suggest him for your 2nd or 3rd character to play as and possibly one to master as well.