Mercy me oh my!

Mercy has amazing character design. Along with very interesting skills, weapons, and gameplay mechanics. She looks quite incredible and overall is a smooth and absolute sensation to play as. For anyone that likes to play as a support player or even furthermore the healer. Mercy is the choice for you.

The Guardian Angel:

Guardian Angel is an amazing skill for Mercy in Overwatch. It has a very low cooldown and can lock easily onto an ally. With one press of the button, Mercy will fly towards an ally quickly. This is great for moving around the map and for quickly helping your team survive the battle for the win.

For more advanced players doing this will be essential to succeed in competitive match-ups. Angelic Descent passive will allow Mercy to use her angel like wings to descend from the air slowly. A very interesting skill that can throw your opponents accuracy and ability timing off while they focus on Mercy. Switching to Caduceus Blaster may require practice while doing this but can be a great winning tactic.

Caduceus Arsenal:

The Caduceus Staff is a staff of tremendous power and glory. It can heal allies or increase the damage of allies. Caduceus is an amazing looking weapon that plays smoothly and is a beauty to see on the big screen. The controls are easy to use and to learn. They feel smooth comfortable and at the same time require practice to master for Mercy. The Caduceus Blaster is a gorgeous looking sidearm with a white and gold finish.

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It's simply beautiful to hold as well as fire. The weapon makes Mercy's role as support ever true. The blaster should probably be used to distract enemies, or finish opponents with little health bar left. Both the staff and blaster can be switched easily with one press of the D-PAD on the console. 


Mercy's ultimate ability will allow her to resurrect one or more teammates in a vicinity. It fits in wonderfully with her character and can require tactical timing to use as well. You can save it for a more opportune time, or use it as often as you can when a partner is down. In conclusion, I find Mercy to be one of the best characters to play as in the game. Mercy is a fantasy healer come true for gamers. I will rate her 5/5 stars on all levels and originality in game design, mechanics, and being an overall joy to play. #News #Video Game