Hanzo the let down :

Playing as Hanzo was not a horrible experience for me. It was a horrible experience in a Blizzard game for me. Take a character with a storm bow and awesome Asian Ninja background and then give him abilities that barely fit both roles. I apologize to the people that disagree and please don't take it to heart readers. I will back up the first headline with information and mainly opinions so read on if you're intrigued.

Hanzo's Abilities :

Ricochet arrow may not fit the mark for a storm bow samurai but it does work amazingly in close quarters. This is especially true against low HP characters like Tracer.

Now it also looks great and is fun to use. I also love the look of its rotation when charging the storm bow. This is a positive and a great skill for Hanzo. Sonic arrow comes next and once again I don't really see the relation to being a ninja or samurai with a storm based bow. Why didn't they use a wind or lightning type arrow? Regardless, the sonic arrow will display enemies in red in its radius and has a cool down. So you can keep track of where enemies are, rather often. This is also very useful despite not fitting in giving me the lower fun factor issue. Wall climbing may take a bit of time to get used to and it is essential to know this for Hanzo. Perhaps this is where I downfall with Hanzo and others succeed and continue to enjoy his play style. I am not very good with climbing up the walls for one reason or another.

Top Videos of the Day

Dragon Strike is the ultimate move for Hanzo. It get's fired from the bow and is simple to use as is powerful. It has a low fun factor to me, it doesn't feel like it belongs. It makes sense with him being a Ninja but let's be honest can they give an explanation on how he shoots two gigantic dragons out of one arrow. I understand it's a video game but far-fetched would be very true here even so.

The Storm Bow :

Such potential such brilliance though maybe not original, could have been great in this game! Hanzo, however, fires off sound wave arrows that have no relevance to this awesome weapon. The weapon must be charged to get it's full potential so aiming while charging will slow down Hanzo. This makes you a primary slow enemy target while aiming. If you're not good at finding good sniping points then you're dead. Hanzo is only for some.  If you like playing as Hanzo please let me know why in the comments here and thanks for reading. I give him a 1/5 star rating in terms of gameplay and fun factor.