After the long awaited delay due to the closed beta,Mirror's Edge Catalyst finally has a launch trailer, even though the game is not out for another few weeks away; it shows the reason to why Faith runs. The city of Glass is full of places to run. Faith Connor's has been recently released from a lockup. In the trailer it shows a little about her back story and what is at stake. There is not much in the trailer that we already can tell. Faith gets released out of the lockup, reconnects with her fellow runners, gets into a difficult situation, discovers important things about her past. Looking at the trailer; the City of Glass looks rather stunning don't you think?

More open world.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a reboot to the entire franchise; see's a new version of Faith and also see's a new gameplay mechanics. EA wanted to re-do the entire game now with the next generation consoles out in the market. The original Mirror's Edge still had the parkour gameplay but felt somewhat linear. So it was back to the drawing board and made the reboot more open world.

Play early with EA Access

With like many games released by EA; players can have the chance to play a new game early for a limited time. EA access allows the player to play a portion of the game ; this is a trial version of the full game with a limited time scale. With Mirror's Edge; players can explore the City of Glass for 6 hours before the trial is up.

Now if the player likes the game; they can buy the game at a discount and continue where they were before. With Xboxand EA teaming up with this release, EA access would be a good way of trying out the game to see if the gamer likes it. You can try EA Access for only less that $4 a month; this gives your trials of new games, play full games that are in the vault.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is released on June 7th in US and June 9th in EU. With EA Access players can play the game on June 2nd and get a head start in the City of Glass with time trials, story missions to explore.

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