Like "Automatron," when the new "Fallout 4" add-on "Far Harbor" drops on May 19, there will be a requirement in the game before you can begin to play and enjoy the DLC. Nick Valentine, the synth detective that plays a large role in the beginning of the game, will also be featured in the new quests that will be unlocked when users purchase the upcoming $24.99 software from Bethesda. Anyone who purchased the season pass is good to go when May 19 rolls around. Here are the details that will get you on the fast track to enjoying the new content from day one.

Nick Valentine

Nick might be one of the best choices for a companion early on, if only for his ability to fight and take a beating in battle. He's a synth but he's unlike any of the other synths you encounter. Nick has the memories of a detective that lived before the war implanted into his memory and he's honed his skills to the point where he's very well respected, at least in Boston. His detective agency in Diamond City is a location you'll get familiar with early on in "Fallout 4" when you unlock the achievement or trophy for the quest, "Unlikely Valentine." You'll engage in a small battle before retrieving Nick from Vault 114.

This will lead you to once again talk to Ellie at Nick's agency in Diamond City where the second quest involving Nick is assigned to you. That quest, it turns out, is important in unlocking "Far Harbor."

The one requirement for 'Far Harbor'

The second quest with Nick Valentine, "Getting A Clue," is one you'll have to start and complete before you can play "Far Harbor." It's a fairly straightforward quest and it involves conversing with Nick who eventually suspects that a man named Conrad Kellog is the person who is directly involved in kidnapping your son.

Kellog is a mercenary who, up until recently, has been seen living in Diamond City and has a residence you can investigate. Without giving too much more up and spoiling that quest entirely, armed with this bit of knowledge you can now prepare to take care of this task so that once May 19 rolls around you can download and play "Far Harbor" without any hesitation or game requirements to fulfill.

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