With "Fallout 4" now 6 months old, many gamers have been suffering from a lack of new things to do in the Boston Wasteland. Bethesda understands the dilemma and is about to release their biggest and most ambitious add-on ever, "Far Harbor." This might just be the content that gets players who have stopped playing to come back into the fold. The last add-on for the game was "Automatron," which was heavy on the robot theme.

Release date revealed

The new content just got a release date and trailer, and later this month on May 19, for $24.99 or included with the $49.99 Season Pass, "Far Harbor" and all the adventures contained within can be yours.

Also of note, for the Xbox One and PS4, the "Fallout 4" 1.5 update is now live to download and patch your current software. We'll look into all the details below and what they mean to you as a player.

Update 1.5 details

This update was expected and fixes numerous issues that pop up in such a complex game such as "Fallout 4." The most notable change is Survival Mode, which is no longer in beta. This optional skill mode will test your skills and maybe even your patience. You will no longer be able to fast travel, you can only save when you sleep, and a number of factors including fatigue and danger are increased.

The general stability of the game is said to be improved with this update as well as some workshop and workbench glitch fixes. The list of fixes can be found at the Bethesda website.

'Far Harbor' details and trailer

"Far Harbor" will start with a mission from Valentine’s Detective Agency, and the case is about asecret colony of synths and a young woman. Exactly who the woman is and why the colony of synths is causing a problem is yet unknown. The location will be a map point that's off the coast of Maine.

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Video Game

The DLC takes place on the island of Far Harbor, a supposedly mysterious location. Players will notice that while at Far Harbor the levels of radiation will be higher than the Lone Wanderer has been used to and this radioactive environment has caused a more feral world to erupt. The Lone Wanderer will experience the Children of Atom, the local residents of Far Harbor, and a conflict between the synths.

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