EA has officially announced their new project, Battlefield 1, the next game in the successful Battlefield franchise. While players expected the game to be titled Battlefield 5, EAis choosing a different title for a game set in an uncommon time period. Unlike the previous trend of first person shooters which are set in the near future, Battlefield 1 will take players back to the roots of iconic warfare in one of the most brutal and interesting wars ever fought: World War One.

Horses, planes, and makeshift weapons, Battlefield 1 has it all

Battlefield 1’s short trailer features iconic scenes of bi-plane aerial combat, horse riding, and the use of several brutal looking melee weapons such as shovels or morning stars, a brutal bludgeon covered in spikes.

Furthermore, the game trailer features short encounters of trench warfare, battleships, gas weapons, and flamethrowers. At the end of the trailer, a massive Zeppelin can be spotted heading into battle.

The mix of content looks interesting and EA has a full-length campaign and multi-player content. During the live-stream announcement, developers of the game discussed some squad-based systems that would make it easier to switch lobbies and servers with a group of friends. EA commented that there would be destruction-based elements in the game like many of the previous titles in the series. Furthermore, weapon customization and an emphasis on the squad system will persist through this game.

Following the relative lack of success with their most recent title, Star Wars Battlefront, EA seeks to revitalize and continue to capitalize on the success of the Battlefield franchise through Battlefield 1 by taking the game back to World War One.

Battlefield 1 will hopefully be a very fresh take on one of the most interesting wars in history. The game is set for release on October 21st for normal players and EA Access players will have access to the game starting on October 18th. EA Access players will be able to play the full version of the game for eight hours before their trial expires.

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