The Gauss Cannon

A most powerful weapon that can serve as a sniper when the precision bolt is used. It also has a second modification that we will get into in another article. For starters, this gauss cannon like the plasma rifle uses cells as ammunition. However despite its pretty look it packs a nasty bunch in comparison to it's sister weapon. It eats 15 ammunition per power shot, rather then the single cell of the plasma rifle. However the punch is well worth it, especially when modded with the Precision Bolt.

Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon 

At base the Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon, adds the same kicking power except with a nice high tech scope.

Furthermore when charged and scoped only will it deal more damage. It also leaves a trail of lightning essence graphic in it's wake when a max charged shot is released.

  • Energy Efficient 
  • Light Weight
  • Volatile Discharge

First lets look at perk #1 Energy Efficient. This will reduce the time it takes for a full charge between shots. This is a crucial perk saving the obvious keyword here which is time. Light weight makes the weapon even better as you can move at full speed while aiming and charging the gun. This is amazing in the boss battle vs the cyberdemon. Finally Volatile Discharge which is the last and most powerful perk. This will release a powerful explosion if an enemy is killed with a precision bolt shot.

Precision Bolt Video Montage

If you would like to see these weapons in action,specifically the gauss cannon.

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Final Verdict 

The gauss cannon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. With all perks, precision bolt specifically is the go to gun for big enemies and even the cyberdemon boss both phases. Sure the BFG-9000 is the obvious powerhouse but ammunition is too far and between for that gun. The gauss comes in a close 2nd in terms of practical uses on large demons, despite it costing a bit more in ammunition.