Resource Operations: Codex

The Resource Operations center (referred to as "ResOps") was one of the first facilities constructed at the Mars base after the discovery of Argent Fracture. It encompasses several key areas needed to run the facility, including plasma extraction and processing, isotope stabilization, heavy metal and ore mining, artifact analysis, communications networking and off-world transportation. New UAC employees posted to the Mars facility are expected to fulfill a tour of duty in Res Ops before moving on to their specialized career bracket. Security clearance level 1 allows access to all areas of Res Ops, excluding VEGA networking hubs and some Satellite Control centers.

For access to these locations, new advocates must submit a Delta-Q Delta form to the Departmental Enforcer.

To new advocates:

Those who came before you and those you serve with all operate with the same goal in mind: the development of a new dawn for mankind. it is by this principle of teamwork that we will elevate ourselves to the next plane of existence.

If you have any new suggestions to improve the work environment while working your tenure in Res Ops, please submit suggestion form WAD E1M4 to your Command Controller. However, it is imperative that you learn to accept the things you can't change and follow the path that has been laid out for you. Your service in Res Ops is a test of your devotion to the cause. Should you be asked to submit yourself to an interrogation program or experimental treatment, you are expected to comply without question.

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If a fellow advocate asks you to engage in a dedication ceremony, say yes. If you see an advocate doubting their role at the UAC, bring it to the attention of an Enforcer so that they might receive the help they need. Don't be selfish. Tier 2 is for everyone.

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