The Combat Shotgun

The UAC shotgun disperses a spread of high velocity buckshot for maximum impact against the enemy. Ideally suited for the operative who requires a speedy response for deadly close encounters, the wide coverage of this weapon loses the impact at long range, The weapon is forged from a high quality Titanium Steel alloy to ensure maximum reliability, repeat rate, and yield strength.

Charged Burst Variation

An Argent-charged Compression Reloader allows the operator to automatically fire up to 3 rounds in rapid succession.

With the enemy at close range, this action is devastating, taking down all but the most resilient of adversaries. The Compression Reloader requires several seconds to recompress after use.


Combat Shotgun : Charged Burst

  • - Speedy Recovery: Reduces the recharge time between bursts.
  • - Rapid Fire: Increases the fire rate of the burst.
  • - Quick Load: Reduces the loading time for the charged blast.
  • - Power Shot: Successfully hitting all three shots from the Charged Burst will increase the damage of the next burst. This effect does not stack.

Explosive Shot Variation

This shotgun ammunition incorporates a glycerin fuse that detonates an Octanitrocubane gel upon impact. Embedded shot is dispersed at the point of impact, creating a wide area of effect.Highly effective against multiple targets or when detonated to the rear of enemies in defilade.

Combat Shotgun : Explosive Shot

  • - Speedy Recovery: Reduces the recharge time between shots.
  • - Bigger Boom: Increases the size of the explosion.
  • - Instant Load: Removes the loading time for an explosive shot.
  • - Cluster Strike: Getting a direct hit with Explosive Shot will spawn cluster bombs that deal additional damage.


The design of this weapon is conventional in nature, though it has been refined to perform at the limit of its ballistic capabilities.

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The UAC Fragmentation Grenade uses a Comp-D explosive package encased in a steel alloy shell,and has an effective fatality radius of about 5 meters. Improvements on the antiquated M67 grenade include a more reliable chemical fuse mechanism, interior machining of the casing to provide more efficient projectile dispersion and a trigger switch safety clip to prevent unwanted activation. The newer Comp-D explosive also ensures the radial pressure wave has no "drop spots" -- ensuring full damage potential within the fatality zone.