Doom : Cyberdemon Boss Battle

Phase #1

Phase #1 is actually quite easy. You should pick up and restock on all health and armor in the room previous to this boss battle. Note there is also a mega health in this level. The mega health is nearby. The megahealth will increase both your health and armor to it's maximum. However once depleted you can only go back to your original health and armor maximum and minimum numbers. Once you complete the above open the door and get ready for the first TRUE boss fight in Doom 2016.

Tactics Phase #1

The cyberdemon will charge at our hero the doom marine. It will also launch a sonic boom curved type projectile.

For it's massive attack it will rain missiles upon the ground from the sky. These missiles will show on the floor where they will eventually hit. You should avoid them to not take damage. The cyber demon will also blast Multiple locked on missiles from his enormous rocket launcher at the doom marine strafe to avoid. You will need to be using two types of weapons for this battle. The Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon and the Multi - Lock on Rocket Launcher. Remember to hot swap between the two.

Tactics Phase #2 (video)

In the video you will see what weapons I am using and they are stated in the above paragraph. Also note that I added in Frag Grenades to the mix. You should be throwing these twice at every chance you can get. This infamous leader of demons the cyber demon is quite a spike in difficulty so be sure to listen carefully here.

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With the gauss rifle and the rocket launcher, you should be charging  and locking on at all times. Focusing on head shots especially with the gauss rifle. The major trick to all of this is especially having the Light Weight perk for the gauss rifle. Always be strafing left or right and don't forget your jump. On a side note there is the option to save your BFG-9000 ammo and use it at this point in the battle. There is one more ammo located in this battles arena.

Conclusion : Final Thoughts

This is a great boss battle, you're going to have a large amount of fun with it, especially for the "hardcore" players on later difficulties. Just try and be sure to have the multi-lock launcher and gauss cannon upgraded before the battle. One more major final note, the BFG-9000 and it's ammunition is your BFF.