Before Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, there were William of Occam and Adso of Melk, a Franciscan monk and his apprentice, with a knack for murder-solving (without any of the drug addiction). It's the 14th century, and the peace at a Benedictine abbey in Italy has been disturbed by a series of murders. William and Adso have traveled far to visit the abbey, and now they must uncover the perpetrator. Adventure game "The Abbey of Crime Extensum" places you in the monk's metaphorical shoes. Can you shine a light on the mystery before someone else loses their life?

If the plot sounds familiar, then you may have read "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco (or at least watched the Sean Connery film based on the book). "The Abbey of Crime Extensum" draws inspiration from the book, but it is even deeper rooted in the 1987 Spanish game "La Abdia del Crimen," also based on Eco's historical novel. Manuel Pazos & Daniel Celemín were both "die-hard" fans of that game. "For us, it was the best 8 bit game made in Spain," says Manuel. Two years ago, the friends decided to do a remake, adding missing story-lines and mixing in some details from the movie.

The result is "The Abbey of Crime Extensum," a free adventure game and a labor of love.

A sincere homage to a golden age

In the game, players command William and Adso through the abbey on their quest to uncover the truth behind the murders. To get the full story, you'll need to collect a series of items and speak to the inhabitants of the abbey. The game remains true to its retro roots with a detailed isometric environment using beautiful pixel art.

Look closely and you might notice some distinct similarities between the pixelated game characters and their respective actors from the film.

Adventure as a monk right now

"The Abbey of Crime Extensum" can be downloaded for free from the website (simply search Google for the name), and is currently on Steam Greenlight. The game shot up to the top 30 within four days, but could always use some more help.

As for Manuel and Daniel? They currently have no plans, but they miss the days of creating the game. They might return to game-making again in the future, and when they do, it will definitely be retro-style pixel art again. As Manuel puts it, "We have big pixels flowing in our veins."

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