First thoughts:

Personal favorite Battleborn at the moment. Thorn is the silent but deadly type character. It seems you can move through the field assassin like with this character. You can even and should keep your distance at all times with Thorn. Her bow shot is quiet and can curse enemies for extra damage. It can also be charged to deal more damage. When charged it will deal the curse effect to foes. This can be dealt by normal arrows as well once you get the proper upgrade.


Thorn relies on health regeneration and has no shield. She can pick up an over shield but it's not as powerful due to the latter. This makes hit and run tactics really nice with Thorn.

Run in launch a volley of arrows [ literally ] then move out hide/heal up and repeat. She's a bit of camper and it fits my playstyle nicely because my aim is not the best.

Thorn's volley and blight:

You can also volley arrows with Thorn, this can be an upgrade, they ricochet off walls. They can be upgraded to either shoot more arrows or deal more damage. She also has a blight ability that's basically a poison attack/field. Standing in it can increase arrow potential. It also deals damage over time to enemies and can slow/give other status defects.


Overall as a level 1 First Analysis on Thorn, I love this character. I feel she can be used stealthily. She is a quiet infiltrator with a nice punch. Your aim doesn't have to be the best with Thorn to start although it will help. Mentioning one note I forgot earlier is her Melee attack which has some range and can even boost you back away from an enemy for those nice and sweet hit and runs.

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Lore challenges:

  • Spry Sprite Spray : ( Air-Shot 20 enemy battleborn with Volley )
  • The Last : ( Complete the Archive on advanced without dying )
  • Daughter Of Shadows : ( Kill 500 enemies with Blight skill )
  • Vengeance For the Lost : ( Kill 1000 Jennerit Troops )
  • Granddaughter Of Stone : ( Complete 5 matches with Boulder as Thorn )


  • The Ranger
  • Anthurimus ( loot pack )
  • Cymbidium
  • Delphinium 
  • Veratrum
  • Eucalyptus
  • Alsotromeria
  • Orchid


  • Agile Archer
  • Ekuni Battle Cry


  • Blight Brawler
  • Focused Volley
  • Fiendish Curse
  • Phasing Arrows
  • Trap Training