The add-on content for "Fallout 4" has been both expected and eagerly awaited. It's a game that is so popular and so beloved a franchise that it actually helps sell next-gen consoles just so enthusiasts can play the game. There's been some confusion about the first installment of the DLC, "Automatron," and just exactly how it begins, but don't worry, we've got you covered and will explain just exactly how to start your new robot-themed adventures and get started on the first quest, "Mechanical Menace."

"Automatron" stand alone or Season Pass

It makes no difference if you've purchased only "Automatron" for $9.99 or if you've purchased the "Fallout 4" Season Pass, now available for $49.99, which includes all the content that will be made available, the game starts the same way.

If you were thinking ahead it's possible you made the wise decision of buying the Season Pass for the initial price of $29.99, which was the best deal available. The upcoming "Far Harbor" DLC is slated to be $24.99 by itself, but it promises an epic adventure. "Automatron" should provide you with about 3-5 hours of new quests play, depending on your skills and speed.

Make sure you meet these game requirements

The biggest point of confusion seems to be that you need to be at least level 15 before "Automatron" will become available for a player to start. After level 15 a message will automatically pop up on screen and the "Mechanical Menace" quest will begin. The quest instructs the player to listen to a caravan distress frequency. Once the player listens to the caravan distress frequency they will be instructed to navigate themselves to Watt’s Consumer Electronics.

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It should be no shock that once the player arrives at Watt’s Consumer Electronics they will encounter a caravan in distress and there will be plenty of robots to destroy and scrap. If you're not yet level 15, don't worry, just play the game and enjoy yourself and build your character. Before you know it you will reach level 15 and unlock your DLC. The ability to customize and build your own robots is a joy, so get creative and let your imagination flow. Good luck in the wasteland!