The Apple iPad Pro might be the most unlikely first place someone may consider for any type of 3D modelling. However, with 123D Sculpt+ by Autodesk, you can easily and quickly create spectacular and interesting 3D sculptures utilizing the recently released iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Not only can you build upon a marvelous selection of presets that provide excellent starting points, you can build almost anything from scratch and do so without any prior skill or expertise in the field. That's not to say the app is only for the uninitiated, anyone with skills and experience in 3D can jump right in and take advantage of the streamlined workflow and produce professional results.

Let's take a closer look.

The basics of Sculpt+

For a free app you might think they'd skimp on the features or it would be full of ads, but that's simply not the case here. Starting out you have the choice to pick from three menu options. The first option is to build from scratch, and you can do as you'd imagine, build your own unique armature and skeleton and then paint it after the sculpt is complete. You can also pick from a ready to sculpt or paint preset, which is a premade base that allows you to shape it as you desire then color and paint. The third option is a ready to pose completed form which you can also pose, tweak and photograph as you desire.

Sculpting made easy

Regardless of which option you choose, utilizing the sculpting tool is super easy. For instance, if you pick the ready to sculpt option, and select the comic man figure to manipulate, you simply click on the sculpt tool on the bottom left menu and get to work.

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You can use the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro to control the size and strength of the brush with the circular slider and lightning bolt slider. Once the size and strength is selected, you can sculpt out, sculpt in, smooth, sharpen, flatten or grab any area of the sculpture you wish to manipulate. You can choose to have the actions be symmetrical or you can have the manipulations be unique to that specific part of the sculpture.

Painting your creation

Once the manipulation is done, it's time to paint your sculpture. Select the color paint tool to begin this easy process. By default you have a hard brush or a soft brush and, as with sculpting, symmetry can on or off depending on your creative needs. You can adjust the size of your brush as well as the opacity of your paint with the circle and checkered square sliders above the brush menu. Additionally you can select the More Brushes menu option and select a number of textures to pain with, which is useful for animal and alien skins. There's also a color wheel that can be accessed to change colors and when you find a color you which to use often, click the plus symbol on the color tool to pin it to the color chart.