Numbers show a rough reality: CNN says that during this year’s first quarter, only 51.2 million iPhones were sold, 10 million less than last year’s first quarter. Moreover, iPhone’s CEO Tim Cook stated that the number of Apple users who left aside their old Smartphone for one developed by the IT giant has decreased. He also mentioned in a conference that it would’ve been a reason to celebrate if the 6S had had the same success as the iPhone 6.

Why did this happen to the iPhone 6S?

According to CNN, it wasn’t hard to notice that the 6S would not have the same success as the previous models.

The main reason would be that the smartphone, which was launched in the fall of 2015, doesn’t actually bring any innovations compared to the previous generation.

The only improvement was the 3D Touch function which opened different menus depending on how much force you used when you pressed the screen, which was rather interesting alongside the improved photo camera. These features were not interesting enough to make people spend $650 for the 6S though. Moreover, the Smartphone market is constantly decreasing, the greatest descent being felt in China.

However, Richard Windwso, analyst at Edison Investment Research, believes that it would not be fair to compare the iPhone 6 with the iPhone 6S, because the previous generation did satisfy one of the users’ demands: a bigger screen.

Would Apple be able to stop its sales from decreasing?

As the company sees no other solution, they are focusing all their hopes on the iPhone 7, the model to be released this fall.

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Apple users usually upgrade their phones once every two years, missing one generation of Smartphone, and this might mean that some iPhone 6 owners could be actually waiting for the 7 model. Cook also stated that many disappointed 6S users are waiting for the 7’s release so they could upgrade.

There is of course one ray of hope, but many questions as well. For instance, Apple already covered the markets segments lately: iPhone SE is designed for those with a nostalgia for smaller screen mobile devices, while 6 and 6S are for those who desire a bigger screen Smartphone.

Some people have even come to believe that Apple might already be out of fresh ideas.