My first car was a 1960 VW Bug. The big difference between the 1960 and the 1961 Bug was a gas gauge.

No gas gauge before 1961. The driver would motor along until the car ran out of gas. At that time, the driver would flip a lever next to the driver's seat that would open up a reserve tank that was good for about 10 more miles. If the driver didn't make it to the gas station, he or she pushed. I have muscles nearly 50 years later to prove that to be true.

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I took out the back seat of my Bug and slept there when I was in college.

I wasn't homeless. I was just too tired to drive a long trip home at night. Sometimes I would arrive home after my family had already gone to sleep. And I'd get up and leave before they woke up.

Why bother? So, I slept in my car in the parking lot of the school.

What Can You Do in a Car Driving Itself?

Fifty years later, I think I could have slept in an extra 30 minutes and let my car drives me to school ... or to Houston if I punch in the wrong address.

Google has got everyone's creative juices flowing.

Imagine if you could just sit in your car, tell it where you wanted to go, then do nothing or anything - play chess, racquetball (maybe not), Clue, watch a movie, cook dinner (that's possible if you have your car connected to your home system) ...

and and ...

Automated Cars Made in China

Volvo is owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. China is the world's largest car market.

Volvo is shopping around for a city in China to let 100 self-driving cars go haywire, er, be tested. There are probably 100 cars waiting at most intersections in Beijing or Shanghai just to make a left-hand turn.

What could you do while in your car if you didn't have to drive?

Google's Gumball Car

My daughter and I saw one of Google's little Gumball Cars this morning on our morning commute.

I have to be gone for 10 days next month and my wife and I are trying to figure out how to get her to school.

Answer: Gumball car.

My daughter could either sleep in or do homework on her way to school or both. Or call us from San Antonio.

"I said San Jose, not San Antone."

There's a whole new industry waiting to be developed to go around self-driving vehicles.

What idea are you working on?

Learn about the Problem with self-driving cars, boats, golf carts, planes, lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners.

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