They say when the robots come, they'll take our manual jobs, but no robot can ever replace the creative jobs. Evodant Interactive is looking to change that by creating Toska, the AI storyteller. Canadian-based Evodant Interactive has been working on Toska for nearly ten years. The goal is to create an AI that watches the way you play, and generates a story to best suit your play style.

After pitching to and getting rejected by multiple publishers, Evodant is now able to create a game using Toska thanks to a $1.15 million grant from the Canada Media Fund. The first game to run on Toska will be the upcoming Gyre: Maelstrom, a steampunk RPG that changes based on how you play it.

The AI game master

The inspiration behind Toska stems from tabletop gaming. In a session of a tabletop game, a good Dungeon Master (DM) will alter the scenarios and environment depending on the players. This is similar to the way Toska is supposed to work. "The intention behind Toska is that it provides for a computer game experience what a good human DM provides on a tabletop experience," Evodant narrative lead Ryan Fitzgerald told Gamasutra. "There's story and there's gameplay, but we really want to use Toska to try and twine these together."

According to Fitzgerald, the game watches the way you play then "provides you with the challenge and the narrative framework to give you that which will satisfy you." If you're a fan of action, for instance, rushing headlong into battle, Toska will generate a storyline that will throw you into the midst of things.

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Even the tone of the story can change, with the potential to create dramatic, sad, or funny stories -- anything goes, and it all depends on what you personally find interesting.

AI as a supplement to writers

Writers, you can breathe easy -- this AI might be a novel method for tweaking gameplay in response to interaction, but it's a long way away from actually replacing writers. "I don't want to put writers out of work." says Fitzgerald. "I'm a writer. We're already one step up from homeless and drunk. The last thing I want to do is tank the careers of my people further than they already are." Instead, the studio is looking into licensing Toska out to other game developers, as a way to maintain player engagement in their games.