Sony recently announced it has finally decided to take Playstation games to smartphones

Years after an unsuccessful halfhearted attempt to venture into the world of mobile gaming, Sony has finally decided to bring its Playstation games to the users' smartphones --- and this time, with no holds barred.

The company announced Thursday that it has decided to form a subsidiary called ForwardWorks, which will be tasked to develop games for both Android and iOS platforms.

Sadly for Playstation fans in Europe and in the US, it appears that Sony has decided to make Asia its sole focus for its latest take on mobile gaming --- or at least for now.

But if things go well withthe company's plans, PS fans from other parts of the world should be able to get their hands on Sony's latest mobile gaming app soon enough.

According to the company, its new mobile gaming venture will utilize existing Playstation games and characters, as well as full-fledged game titles in its future games and app.

Playstation Mobile

The Playstation Mobile, which was Sony's first failed attempt to tap into the world of mobile gaming, was not given the same opportunity by the company. Instead, the app promoted what the tech giant called 'Playstation-Certified' brands --- which Sony hoped would bring Android games into its PS Vita handheld consoles. The company's attempt, needless to say, has failed and Sony was forced to rethink its strategy on its mobile gaming approach.

Sony's recent announcement came in barely a week after its archrival, Nintendo, launched its first-ever smartphone app called the Miitomo.

Unlike Sony's ForwardWorks, however, Miitomo focuses more on its users' social experience than the real, actual, traditional games.


The company has revealed little details about its latest mobile gaming venture, but is expected to roll out its smartphone gaming line probably some time within this year or the next.

Meanwhile, rumors suggest that Sony is set to launch a PS 4.5 console ahead of its highly anticipated Playstation 5 consoles --- but rumors suggest that the latest console will only likely be a slim version of the existing PS4 console.

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