One of the most desirable and iconic muscle cars of the 1970's is making a comeback, but in very limited quantity and with a very prestigious and familiar signature on the car itself. The company, Trans Am Depot, have transformed seventy-seven Chevrolet Camaros into a rendition of the classic muscle car, the Pontiac Trans Am. The car was featured in the film "Smokey And The Bandit" from 1977. The car co-starred with Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, and Jackie Gleason. The original car these special editions are modeled after boasted a 400 cubic inch engine with only 185 horsepower. The new highly modified Special Edition "Bandit" clearly takes advantage of both power and today's mechanical technology with a V-8 and 840 horsepower resting under the hood.

A love story

Trans Am Depot acquired the license for the name and logo from General Motors for their special edition of the classic Trans Am design. These limited productions sport the classic "snowflake" style rims and white letter tires. With this also comes the absolute must in Trans Am's -- the removable t-top. Burt Reynolds himself has signed all 77, each has a special "Bandit" logo throughout the vehicle, and will be easily recognized as the new version of the classic design of the immortal Trans Am. Burt Reynolds is featured in a promotional video for these extremely limited edition cars. As he narrates through the video, he clearly is nostalgic describing the relationship with a man and a car as a "love story" stating "most guys had a love story with their car."

How can you get one?

The co-founders of the company have had a love affair of their own for Trans Am's over the years, stating between four family members, they have owned close to fifty Trans Am models directly because of the movie and popularity Burt Reynolds brought to the brand.

The car was synonymous with wanting to "be the Bandit" due to the success of the movie, and Tom Warmack stated Burt Reynolds "seal of approval" for the project was imperative and "would not have been the same" without him. The fastest car available is Bugatti Chiron and is around 2.8 million dollars.

You can acquire your own Special Edition Bandit for around $110,000.00.

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