Are you ready for April? Sony sure is, and they're celebrating the first real Spring month by announcing the upcoming free April 2016 PS Plus games. The lineup is not that strong this month, but PlayStation Plus members may still find a title to love with these free PS Plus games for April:

PS4 games

By far the most appealing name among next month's free games is "Dead Star," a multi-player PS4 shooter. The action is team-based and RPG-driven, creating a wonderful genre-breaking experience. For those still skeptical, the fact that the game was created by former "Metroid Prime" developers might just win you over.

The other big name on the list is Ubisoft's "Zombi," a port of the Nintendo Wii U's "ZombiU." Despite the tacky name, the game has been touted as a great addition to the survival horror genre.

The pacing deviates from the action titles of past years and focuses instead on the atmospheric London setting. The game also throws in an extra challenge: if you die, it's for good. Better watch your step...

PS3 games

Need more survival-horror in your life? PS Plus will feature another Ubisoft title from the genre, "I Am Alive." The game pits you against a post-apocalyptic world that has gone to the gutter. Although you can find all the traditional elements of a survival game, it places more emphasis on climbing and exploration.

Moving on from defending a doomed Earth, "Savage Moon" tasks you with protecting another doomed planet. The tower defense game places you in charge of a mining facility on a distant planet. Protect the facility from the invading creatures called Insectocytes and hone your defensive strategy using different kinds of towers.

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PS Vita games

Vita owners (the few of you out there), Sony hasn't forgotten about you. Included in April's free PS Plus games are two Vita games. "A Virus Named Tom" is a hacking puzzler that takes you through over 50 levels of brain-melting, hacking-themed puzzles. For a more bizarre experience, "Shutshimi" is a fast-paced, side-scrolling shooter starring a muscle-bound fish.

Can you survive the April 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup?