My daughter and I see Google practicing its self-driving cars nearly every day on our way to school.

"Look honey! There goes one! Hey! Will you get out of my way?"

Bicycle vs Google Car

I think the self-driving cars might have some sort of governor on them that prevents them from going faster than walking speed. They do go faster, but not by much. I am pretty sure the bicyclists can keep up with them.

That will keep the 2-pistoned folks happy for a while. Bicyclists in California want to be treated like cars while they are moving but act like bicycles when everyone is stopped ... weaving in between cars and trucks and blocking the way when the light turns green.

With self-driving cars, the playing field will be leveled. We'll all be slow.

Do Know Evil Places Score on Bad

Google gives a score based on how bad a bad event can be. Side swiping is not as bad as being rear-ended is not as bad as a head on collision is not as bad as running over a bicyclist or pedestrian.

Google's censors are also able to pick up the reactions of people in other cars surrounding them and judge the level of 'bad' there as well.

It seems the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) might launch a campaign, on the taxpayer's dime, to send out a fleet of cars to harass Google's self-driving cars. The DMV opposes Google's initiative.

It puzzles me that a government agency should be able to do this.

Shouldn't they, like politicians, do the bidding of the people they serve? Wait! Politicians don't do that either. No sooner are they elected than they start thinking for themselves and try to credit their decisions on their constituency.

"Hey! I didn't vote for you to think like that!"

If it moves, Google wants it to move by itself

If it moves, Google wants to automate it - planes, trains, elevators (just kidding), helicopters, tractors, baby carriages (kidding again, but maybe not) and all other moving objects.

Google pushes the envelope on artificial intelligence. If the 'do no evil' people can't figure out how to do something they can at least figure out how hard it is to do ... and put a score on it.

There is one problem, however, when something is self-moving. When things go wrong, and Murphy knows they do, who are you going to blame.

Californians have to have somebody to blame.

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