The highly anticipated next installment of Final Fantasy XV is both a step forward and a falling back on the series’ origins. While the game will feature a complete overhaul of the combat system, turning it into a unique, dynamic experience, it will still draw on some of the things that fans have loved about Final Fantasy over the years.Director Hajime Tabata has revealed some details about the upcoming game in a livestreamed event from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

What to expect

The game was originally said to contain about 40 hours of gameplay in the main story arc, but according to Tabata this number is actually closer to 50 now.

Game devs are currently in the process of balancing it, and state that it has “more volume” than they expected it to have.The scenery and graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and this won’t slow the game down, says Tabata. The game creators have been working hard to keep the game running on 30 frames per second, and although they’re not there yet, they’re close. If that doesn’t work, it’s back to the drawing board.

The game has even gotten some feedback from the "father ofFinal Fantasy," Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Tabata did not disclose what the two discussed, but he did admit that Sakaguchi had plenty to say about his impression of theFinal Fantasu XV demo.

Of course,Final Fantasy XV will have an airship -- it just wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without one. But this airship will have its unique FFXV spin to it. Whether this means it will run on a mustang engine is up in the air.Finally, our old nemesis (the Cactuar) will be back, and it will be as powerful an opponent as ever, with the ability to dodge Shift Breaks.

More surprises in store

Square Enix has a special event planned for March 31st, where it promises to reveal some more surprises and special information. They will also be releasing a new Japanese trailer on this date. A playable demo will also be available, which will give players a glimpse of how much has changed since the last demo was released in conjunction with Final Fantasy Type-0.

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