Far Cry Primal is an action adventure game that has many cool elements to it. You play as Takkar, a member of the Wenja tribe; as you progress through the game you rebuild your village and increase its population. You will also become a skilled beast master where you are able to bend many animals to your will to do your bidding. This comes in handy when encountering hostile tribes that you will need to defeat 

Stunning visual quality

The landscape of the game is beautiful and almost life-like, from the way the plant-life sways in the wind, the sparkle and glitter of the fireflies in the evening, and the majestic mountain views that you'll see from higher ground.

Everything in the landscape has realistic qualities that shine through in this game. It makes your adventure through the rugged and unforgiving world that much more enjoyable. 

Taming beasts

This is a large aspect of the game and these animals that become your companion help to defeat numerous brutal enemies. The taming part is super easy, and could have been made a bit more difficult. You can pretty much just chuck a piece of meat at whatever animal you desire to be yours and then boom, it's yours. You do need to tame a certain number and type of beasts to unlock all the tiers or animals that you can tame, but overall it's a cakewalk to do. You'll be riding a sabre tooth in no time.

Crafting skills

The crafting in the game adds a primitive element to the game which is enjoyable. You collect materials to upgrade and make new weapons such as spears, bows and clubs.

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Other weapons in your arsenal include traps and throwing shards, and my personal favorite is the bee bomb. You get to chuck a bee hive at your enemies which is pretty cool.


The action in the game is bloody and fulfilling, there's always something to do; quests, conquer outposts, hunt and kill beasts, find resources, etc. The movement and attacking actions in the game are smooth and work well. The only issue I've really noticed is with the spear: it's sometimes hard to see the reticle for aiming purposes, but you can sort of line of sight it for the most part. If all else fails, break out your club and go give you enemies a good head-bashing.

Overall, Far Cry Primal is a fantastic game, it's action packed and fun to play.

Game Rating: 8/10