Wireless charging is the next big thing in technological innovation. A number of companies are presently developing remote charging technologies. Cota is working on radio-frequency (RF) charging; uBeam is working on wireless charging via ultra-sound; and LaserMotive and Wi-Charge are approaching far-field charging from another angle: using lasers.

Energous is another tech company developing RF charging and, according to Tech Times, is presently working with Apple to develop an efficient method of wireless charging for Apple’s various i-devices.

A look at Energous

Energous developed Watt-Up, a semi-remote system for devices within 15 feet of Watt-Up’s router.

Rumors that Energous is partnered with Apple are unsubstantiated. However, available evidence supports the theory that the two companies are working hand-in-hand. Tech Times reported that Louis Basenese concluded the two companies were partners based on secondary evidence. The most revealing evidence is that Energous is close to introducing its wireless charging technology.

Tech Times went on to speculate that Apple is hoping to make far-field charging available in 2017.

uBeam's remote charging

Experts in far-field technology believe radio-frequency tech is the most promising simply because of its advanced development. However, if it can develop and refine ultrasound harvesting and data transfer, uBeam’s wireless charging may be the most feasible method of remote charging, since radio-frequency charging necessitates proximate transmitters and receivers.

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Laser wireless charging has one distinct disadvantage: it requires line-of-sight to harvest energy efficiently.

Still, industry experts have voiced serious doubts about uBeam’s proposed technology. Charging wirelessly via ultrasound depends upon highly sophisticated modules. For example, the modules must effectively dissipate heat build-up. In addition, another question has arisen: how much power will the source transmitter require? Until these questions and others are answered, uBeam’s technology is suspect.

Unless uBeam resolves the various problems associated with ultrasound energy harvesting, radio-frequency harvesting of ambient power – essentially free – might be the more effective and energy efficient methodology, as well as the safest.

If indeed, Apple hopes to release a viable form of remote energy, it may be counting on Energous.