Nintendo looking to set things straight with newest console

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's head designer and brain child of such classics as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros, claims that Nintendo's newest console will make great use of its intellectual properties with its iconic series being released more frequent than they have been on the Wii u.This means that the company as a whole will rely on more Mario and Zelda titles to be released in greater capacity with new titles being available right from the outset of the NX's launch by the end of 2016.


Fans believe with this announcement, some of the launch titles for the NX will include such exclusives as Super Smash Brothers and the latest installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise. A breath of fresh air for Nintendo fan boys considering a Mario title wasn't available on launch date since the Nintendo 64 was first brought onto American shores in 1996. 

Nintendo claims NX will have multitude of new features

With Nintendo assuming dominance over the hand held market, the Nintnedo NX looks to capitalize on this marketing trend with its incorporation of a touch screen on the top of the controller's base.


With this touch screen, the player can enjoy hours of gameplay without needing to be directly placed in front of their television screens, allowing the NX to serve as both a home console and a portable system at the same time. The controller will also feature two analog thumb sticks and apparently no D pad up till now. This could both be a blessing and curse for Nintendo's next outing, as fans of classic gaming love the feel of a traditional directional pad underneath their thumbs as they guide characters through each level.

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Video Game

Another important aspect of Nintendo's next system is the use of cloud gaming. Rather then storing everything on the system's main hard drive, the NX will feature cloud storage to allow gamers to store all their data on a cloud file, similar to what the Xbox one allows its consumers to do. This is a very intelligent move by Nintendo considering that with the limited space of the Wii U's hard drive, players can take advantage of boatloads of storage data without having to spend the extra cash to buy a Western Digital hard drive that made the current Nintendo console both impractical and expensive.

Little known about the Nintendo NX

Gone are the days when Super Mario Bros became the understood launch game when purchasing a Nintendo console. With Super Smash Bros and Zelda due for a launch date at the end of 2016, it seems that they're going to be the first two titles in the Nintendo NX's library. Fans of the Wii U were cheated out of this experience, as many were upset with the lack of a proper Legend of Zelda game, not including remakes, in the Wii U's line up.


What the Nintendo NX needs to do is prove to consumers that the Nintendo company as a whole is still committed to its devoted console base. With Microsoft and Sony bringing the console wars to a two legged race, Nintendo must re-establish itself as the originator of the console revolution. Much still needs to be figured out with NX, whether it will be a full upgrade from the Wii U or just a cheap improvement of its previous generation failures as a system.


Allowing gamers to play a true Nintendo IP from the outset will definitely spark sales for the opening of its launch date, but without consistent third party support and proper technical progress, the NX could be the last nail in the coffin of a company that was once considered the apex of quality gaming.

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