For many years astronauts from across the globe have been actively participating in Space travel. Now, with the launch of Soyuz rocket in December 2015 which carried Chichester born astronaut Tim Peake into space, the reasons and the benefits have been re-ignited.

The tasks carried out by Astronauts in Space

There's an endless list of tasks and activities for astronauts to conduct when they're on any voyage into space, each of these has a reason and an objective whether this be conducting a science experiment inside the space station or participating in a space walk to carry out tasks such as repairs or improvements for future experiments and discoveries.

Astronauts in Space and the Earth's benefit

Looking beyond the geographical reasons for Space travel, the exploration has advanced leaps and bounds since the first launch. When an astronaut has gone into space in more recent years it has been with one or more of the following as a motivating factor:

  • Education – Not only children, but adults can all learn an immense amount regarding any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) topic. This goes on to breed new inventors and inventions here on Earth helping us evolve into the future.

  • Research – Especially medical. A vast amount of medical research can be conducted due to zero gravity. This remains true with Tim Peake, his visit to the I.S.S [VIDEO] will allow doctors to look into the aging of bone.

  • Advances in Technology – A huge amount of our daily life that we take for granted will require the achievements of astronauts more often than you may imagine, satellites, for example, send and receive data back and forth to and from earth. As technology advances in space travel and exploration, the possibilities are vast.

Astronauts in Space – the price of it all

Regardless of the reasons, any space travel will take its budget into the millions, and some beyond.

All space agencies have invested a huge amount of time and money into training and preparation of the astronauts for their voyage into space, this makes it paramount for there to be plentiful and crucial benefits when our astronauts take the risk and blast off.

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