In arecent episodeof The App Guy Podcast, my guests Samir Majumdar and Sauvik Sarkar are the co-founders of Veloxy.

They talk about a current problem with Salesforce.

Imagine this scenario! Sales professionals are in an important meeting with an important client. I know all too well this scenario because I used to have these very meetings. Sales professionals love to cross-sell to existingclients. As it happens, existing clients are the best prospects.

It's a typical scenario to expect these sales professionals to be unable to access the right documents to help prepare for meetings with clients. It's also typical to expect a sales team to be unaware of important product issues that clients may have with your company.

Salesforce is a great tool to help sales teams, but it's still causing information to be scattered all over. As it happens, emails and calendars have tons of relevant information.

So, my guests Samir and Sauvik thought:

"Hey, there must be a way to solve this problem"

Listen to their entrepreneurial journey about:

  • how they came up with the idea for Veloxy
  • how they met each other
  • how they started their startup
  • the risks they faced
  • what they had to give up

If you are thinking of leaving a stable career in Corporate, then you'll learn a lotof what to expect by listening to the story of Samir and Sauvik of Veloxy.

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As an app entrepreneur, I've discovered that finding the right technical co-founder is important as a first step to building a successful 'mobile first' startup. Usually, a good combination is a technically proficient co-founder alongside a marketing wizard or top influencer.

The other key ingredient is building the most powerful network of other influencers, investors or founders. In this episode with Samir and Sauvik, we cover all of these aspects.

  • identifying a problem
  • having past expertise to be knowledgeable about the problem
  • have an excellent technical co-founder
  • make early sacrifices so you can dedicate yourself to your startup
  • have some passion toward the problem you are solving

The ultimate message from these two startup founders is:

'Just Do It'

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