Pixel art has become a soft spot in the hearts and minds of gamers who grew up in the 8 and 16 bit generations. Within the past couple of years, ip's such as "Shovel Knight," "Mighty NO.9," and "Retro City Rampage" have graced the current generation of consoles with every bit of grace and simplistic charm as "Super Mario Bros." had done so many years ago. But homebrew games are a horse of a different color. These games are built from the ground up to be enjoyed on outdated technology. Here's a comprehensive buyers guide to purchasing the best homebrew titles for your early generation consoles dating from the Colecovision to the Super Nintendo. 

"Battle Kid" (NES)

A megaman clone is the best possible sense, "Battle Kid" provides games with every bit of 8 bit joy that only the original Nintendo can provide.  An easy to find game, now available complete in box for around $50, "Battle Kid's" main hero is a young cybernetic boy who must find his way to an evil inventor's castle, very similar in premise to the "Megaman" series from which it was inspired.

The levels are beautifully rendered, with no lag in between frames, you go from rocky mountains to isolated dungeons hoping to conquer each level boss. A must-buy for any fan of action platform gaming.

"Pier Solar" (Sega Genesis/Dreamcast)

A brand new JRPG from the folks at Watermelon studios, "Pier Solar" is a masterpiece in the simplest sense. You assume the role of a young botanist named Hoston, who's on a quest with his two friends to find a magical herb to cure his father's illness. Traverse across frozen waste lands, sandy deserts, and ancient crypts to find the key to solving your father's ailment. The game is also available in HD on the Dreamcast.  A true tribute to old school Role Playing Games, "Pier Solar" should be in every retro gamers collection.

"Halloween 85" (NES)

Released last year, "Halloween 85" is an action platforming beat em up with a visual style resembling "River City Ransom." You play as Donny Johnstown as he seeks to save his town of Possum Hollow from the clutches of ghouls, zombies, and monsters set in the backdrop of 1985 America.

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Adventure through haunted graveyards, your high school, and the local arcade as you punch and kick your way through levels of monster smashing fun. Greatly designed, with fantastic hit detection, a title which should be in your game collection asap.

"Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death" (SNES)

A fun, simple romp through the jungles to the dark caverns of ancient lore to plunder gold with your main character, a treasure hunter seeking to procure his freedom. Armed with a boomerang and whip, "Sydney Hunter" is a cute little title that provides its buyers with every motif of the action/adventure genre that gamers found so charming in the early 1990's. You can find this title with both its outer case and gaming manual for around $50.

"Dungeons and Trolls" (Colecovision)

The last on this list, a strange oddity considering that Colecovision only had a limited run on the Video Game market. But, with its cult fan base and devoted following, Colecovision still has developers creating software for it.

"Dungeons and Trolls" is a fantasy dungeon crawler that takes hints from both "Gauntlet" and "Diablo" to create an atmosphere of terror as you choose between an Archer, Warrior, Thief, and Mage. Venture into a complex labyrinth at the behest of the King of Deimos. A wonderful homage to classic adventure gaming like "Wizardry," this modern release proves that low grade graphics can be overcome by fantastic gameplay.