Android joined the Oscars ceremony last night with a very interesting video about bullying and friendship. Three different characters, represented by rock, paper and scissors, learned an important value and managed to go beyond appearance. Like the motto says, they learned to be together, even if they are not the same. Every one of them is willing to use his strength and abilities to overcome bullies and the evil in their life. This bizarre union managed to overcome fear and prejudice, bringing a new harmonic feeling around the three protagonists.


What happens in the video

In Android's latest commercial the first scene opens with an act of bullying. Surrounded by his classmates, Paper is being abused by some bullies in school and no one seems to help. Only the brave Scissors takes a risk and stands by his side, intimidating the others. After that day the two of them were always together, willing to protect each other despite their differences.


Then history repeats itself when Rock comes into the picture. Like Paper, he was getting bullied by other rocks, but this time it is not Scissors that defends him. Paper stands up and defends him against the villains, while Scissors is in fact scared by the rocks. Fortunately everything works out in the end, when Rock offers a flower to Scissors and joins the pair.

The real meaning according to some users

Some users that saw the video on YouTube have interpreted the commercial in a different way.

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For them, in fact, it's not all about friendship and defying prejudice: it is a parody of the latest smartphones presented at MWC 2016. If we suppose that Paper represents LG, then we are watching as LG G5 bullies LG G4. The fight stops as Samsung Galaxy S7, aka Scissors, steps in between them and defeats G5. Rock, in the end, may represent Sony, which is in turn saved by LG. Android unifies them all, being the same operating system across all three devices.

And this is how, according to some users, they can be together even if they are not the same.

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