5 million dollars up for grabs

According to AFP News Agency, the American Foundation X Prize has pledged an amount of $5 million to the research team who will make the best demonstration of the benefits of artificial intelligence. Thus, they want to show that artificial intelligence is a "friend" of humanity, not an enemy.

This contest, with a prize of $5 million, was announced at a conference in Vancouver by Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X Prize company and David Kenny, responsible within Watson artificial intelligence system, belonging to IBM.

Diamandis said he was tired of the dystopian conversations about artificial intelligence. Many teams of researchers and programmers have been working on perfecting artificial intelligence for a long time. However, many skeptics believe that artificial intelligence could turn against its human creators once it could become self-conscious. Such a scenario has been fully exploited by various scenarios of science fiction movies such as "The Matrix" and "Terminator" franchises.

Experts in the field are invited to participate in the contest to demonstrate how people could work with an artificial intelligence system in order to solve one of the biggest problems humanity is facing. The teams that will participate in this contest will be free to choose the problems they will try to solve with their artificial intelligence systems. The competition will have some preliminary steps.

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The winners will be announced in 2020.

The companies X Prize and IBM have stated that the partnership between people and technology has led to some of the most important advances in society. These advances include the discovery of the dangers of global warming, the landing on the Moon, and the mapping of the human genome.

Company X Prize is a foundation whose aim is to promote scientific and technical progress in all areas.

They had several other initiatives including organizing competitions. Among the competitions organized in the past by X Prize Foundation include: studying the private sector of the conquest of space, competitions to identify the best ways to clean up oil spills, and sequencing the human genome as fast and as cheap as possible.

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