In an era of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all competing with each other there leaves little room for a fourth party in the gaming world.  The handheld market is even more limited, with the 3ds asserting its dominance over the Playstation Vita by the millions.  Then there is the third category of gaming, the streaming market.  Streaming devices like the Apple ipad, the iphone, the android, have all found there little niche in the hands of consumers.  The Angry Birds revolution played a major role in this shift to download gaming, making the ipad a household name over night.  But then there's the little streaming device that could: the Amazon Fire TV Gaming.  A box that promises to do everything, the fire TV allows users to stream games and movies all with the flick of their controller switch without the need for cross platforming.  You can watch your favorite Television show with a mere voice command of the microphone that comes with the system, so for those looking to watch the next Game of Thrones episode on HBO, all you would need to do is turn on the HBO application and enjoy hours of viewing in the land of Westeros.  But then there is the gaming portion of the console.  With over 800 titles to choose from, included the much lauded Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, the fire tv does have a nice assortment of IP's that could warrant its 140 dollar price tag.  Included with your purchase is not only the main unit but also an hdmi cable, and the xbox inspired gaming controller.


  Furthermore, consumers will receive a 32 gb sd card to allow them to expand on their store capabilities when downloading software, which after playing hours of Shovel Knight, proves to be a wise choice by the developers.  But even with the wide assortment of games to choose from and apps, there is still some apprehension when deeming this console streaming device a must buy.  The gaming software are dated at best, with most of their greatest titles being already available on the Apple Ipad.  Titles like Ducktales Remastered and Sonic 2 seem dated when compared to the vast array of choices one can choose from on Xbox live.  To go out and purchase a new steaming console just to play Minecraft is a fool hardy exercise when compared to all that your standard Video Game systems have to offer.  Then there is the lack of the voice command remote that the developers failed to include in the 140 dollar bundle.  There justification being that the video game remote is the controller used for everything, including navigating through the dashboard that leads to all the applications.  It seems that for over a hundred dollars, the inclusion of the cheaply constructed voice command remote would have been a given considering the Amazon Fire TV is now almost two years old.  The common consensus shows that most users when product testing this device were annoyed by the clumsiness of the remote controller that came bundled with it, making it difficult to flip between the different channels presented on the system dashboard.  It's definitely a better upgrade from the Apple TV 3, but with its antiquated software, lack of voice command control system, and clumsy in game video game remote, the Amazon Fire TV is a non essential to those looking for a new video game streaming device.  If you own an Xbox or Playstation, stick with those for now.  Being able to play Castle of Illusion HD for a console that costs more then 100 dollars is a consumer cost that should be avoided.