5G technology is on its way, as recently stated by various IT&C companies. This means that the wireless technology will have an amazing impact on internet connection speed, bringing a tremendous advantage to the daily navigation process as people will be able to stream, download, and browse faster than ever before. The boost in speed may change our perspective in such a way that in the near future people may no longer think in Megabytes, but in Gigabytes. The average movie download that now takes us minutes is expected to happen in a matter of seconds by the developers of this revolutionary speed increased technology.

Technology already being tested, projected by 2020

Broadband services might become a thing of the past as wireless internet service offers are kicking in, all the more as the 5G technology is especially developed so as to make the wireless process cheaper and more stable.

For instance, the technology is said to enhance the capacity to stream VR videos and games to your VR handset or to be able to send multiple streams of ultra-high-definition videos to all TV sets in your house. This is a really great advance in the industry as technology is growing and our interaction with it needs to become more user-friendly than ever. Imagine how children could have all the necessary assets at the tip of their fingers.

While AT&T is one of the last companies to get on board with 5g testing, companies like Verizon and Cisco have already been working on such things.

The cons of 5g

Indeed, this may also bring a few problems along the way, considering children will have a greater and faster access to the internet where all parental content might become harder to control.

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However, instead of thinking how children will have easier access to all kinds of information inappropriate for their age, which stands as a rather significant downside, we could actually think how easier it could be for them to actually study, find the necessary information, be able to stay in touch with all the upcoming trends and so on, keeping them on the right track of their personal development.

Among the cons implied by the upcoming developments to the technology might also be a potential increase in cyber-terrorism. It is already common knowledge that terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State (ISIS) not only benefit from general developments in IT&C technologies, but also thrive on them and flourish, as new methods and manners of communication become available to the general public. Internet hacking is only part of the problem, as the grey and in most cases the genuine dark side of the Internet is linked to crime in general and security threats and cyber-terrorism in particular. A possible solution would be for governments to also make the most of the increase in internet speed which the 5G technology is about to bring in.